LAM is a modular system that offers advertising space along it various possibilities of indoor and outdoor usage.


In the same time being used as a space divider LAM offers a great possibility of advertising on a large surfaces with exceptional visual effect.


The large LAM canvas surface is suitable for top-quality, highresolution print without any wrinkles. Unique quality proposition of LAM product helps to increase company recognition and strenghtens brand value.




LAM is designed to be used with various fillers:


  • digital print

  • pvc panels

  • printed or mesh linen,

  • alu panels,

  • full metal or perforated metal

  • prefabricated acrylic,

  • etc.

LAM can be used as:


  • as a partition system (expositions, advertising etc.)

  • as a protective fence (shows, concerts etc.)

  • as a comercial wall on the tents

  • as a jumbo billboard

  • as a dressing cabin (shops, swimming pools etc)

  • as a promotion table

  • as a background for stage events

  • etc.

  • facebook
  • YouTube Clean
  • Google+ Clean


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PFEIFER, Boris Pfeifer s.p.


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Motorsport: +38640 210 012







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